Pastry Pizza Wraps ~ Recipes for Little Ones

Pastry Pizza Wraps ~ Recipes for Little Ones

Pastry Pizza Wraps

A wonderfully easy and deliciously flaky pastry recipe your whole family can enjoy! With a flavourful tomato sauce, topped with your little one's favourite pizza flavours, you can easily adapt this recipe, swap fillings and it’s perfect for batch cooking and freezing! Eat it hot at home or cold on the go!

Here we've done a veggie option with roasted vegetables & cheddar cheese but you could try: 

~ Mushrooms, tuna & sweetcorn

~ Ham, pineapple & pepper

~ Mozzarella cheese, olives (cut in half) & rocket
Makes 6 ⠀⠀
Prep: 10 mins - Bake: 20-25 mins ⠀⠀⠀⠀
Suitable from 6 months (serve in strips)

(Once baked, these can be frozen for up to 3 months) ⠀⠀

Ingredients: ⠀⠀

• 1 sheet of ready roll puff pastry
• 2 tbsp of tomato purée ⠀⠀
• 3 tbsp of cold water ⠀⠀
• 2 crushed garlic cloves ⠀⠀
• 1 tsp of mixed dried herbs ⠀⠀
• A good grinding of black pepper ⠀⠀
• 1 tsp of smoked paprika ⠀⠀
• A good handful of roasted vegetables - we've used red pepper, aubergine, courgette (can be boiled/steamed) 
• Approx 80g of grated cheddar cheese (optional) ⠀⠀
• 1 egg, beaten (can use milk, cows or plant based)⠀
• Tbsp of black sesame seeds or chia seeds (optional) ⠀
Method: ⠀⠀

1) In a small bowl mix together the tomato pure water herbs paprika pepper and garlic until you have smooth paste

2) Unroll your puff pastry and cut into 6 squares ⠀⠀

3) Diagonally, apply a layer of the tomato sauce, around 2 inches wide. Then top with your chosen toppings ⠀⠀

4) Egg (or milk) wash any exposed pastry ⠀⠀

5) Take the two corners with no sauce, and fold over one another to seal the corners together ⠀⠀

6) Egg (or milk) wash the tops of the pastries and sprinkle with sesame seeds or chia seeds⠀

7) Bake at 200°c/ 370°f for 20-25 minutes until puffed up and golden! ⠀

Recipe from What Mummy Makes.   




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