Scandinavian Inspiration

Scandinavian Inspiration

‘Simplicity within the wonderful chaos of parenthood’, our ethos behind Ivy Wild Kids. Because kids are simply brilliant as they are, and we wanted to offer fantastic everyday essentials to families that are made to complement our busy lifestyles rather than distract.

As parents to our own little one, raising her has been chaotic yet the most wonderful time of our lives and we wouldn't have it any other way. But every parent needs those moments of calm amidst the chaos and we believe kids sometimes need items that are clutter-free and calming, helping them to focus on and enjoy the task at hand, whether that’s eating, drinking, playing, learning or relaxing! After growing up in the countryside with a love of all things nature, spending most of my time outdoors as a child, we wanted our products to be designed with natural beauty in mind. This would allow us to bring the outside into our homes, natural colours that are visually appealing and calming, and for parents, items that wouldn't need to be an eye-sore for the modern home. 

Great functionality and comfort but with minimalistic elegance and timeless designs, are some of Ivy Wild’s key principles that we base our products on. We also truly believe, sometimes less, really is more, with the things we own, which applies even more so to our kids nowadays. You can have a small selection of wonderful, high-quality items that are made to last, rather than be replaced. When our little girl turned one, we received an array of wonderful, generous gifts from friends and family at her birthday party – clothes, toys, books, décor for her playroom…Once we got home, we all felt a little overwhelmed with the lot if I’m honest! She didn’t know where to turn her eyes to or what to grab next, and when she did, her concentration span would last a few seconds before impatiently going for the next thing. As for me and my husband, who have always been quite minimalistic, where to put all of this newly accumulated ‘stuff’ was a challenge. And what made it so funny, was that really, all our little girl wanted to focus her attention on was the paper wrapping, the ribbon, and the card envelopes (as I’m sure many parents can relate to!) From then on, I made the decision to only keep a small selection of ‘things’ out at one time, more time to appreciate, focus, learn and enjoy!

We have always been Inspired by the elegance of Scandinavian design, which has been influencing the children’s market for several years, and the way we think about what things to buy and offer to our children. Soft-muted & natural colours, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship, understated elegance with eco-friendly materials, are Scandinavian style characteristics that we pride our products on, and we truly believe this design movement, and subsequently increasingly popular ethos, has some wonderful values we’ve chosen to adopt at Ivy Wild Kids.

We have tried and tested many kids’ products, including with our own little one, and we only go on to sell the items we are confident you will love as much as we do. We want to continue learning and are dedicated to providing the best options for our wonderful, wild, little ones! 

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