Helping to Build a Sustainable Future

Helping to Build a Sustainable Future

Our little ones are soaking up everything around them from a very young age. That’s one of the reasons why we believe introducing them to the habits of living a cleaner, greener, more eco-conscious life is really important to do while they're so young.

When our little girl was born, one of the things I very quickly came to notice was the mass of plastic baby products that were so readily available to new parents...Baby baths, play pens, storage boxes, tableware, a sea of plastic toys...and at a good price, we could have been so easily persuaded to fill our house to the brim. But what if there was an alternative? In addition to increasingly popular wooden baby and toddler products, using silicone-based products will help your family take a step towards a more environmentally friendly future. So why has silicone become such a popular material for children's products? Silicone has been becoming increasingly popular and a leading trend for kids products over the past few years, with its soft and flexible feel, safe and durable design and subtly stylish look, many parents are moving away from plastic-based products; and to this more sustainable alternative.  

Silicone products are created to offer long-lasting use, and parents will find that kids’ essentials made from silicone, will last much longer than similar plastic products. You can guarantee they will be a wonderfully worthy family investment, taking your little ones right through their childhood years.

Silicone is a naturally derived rubber-like material found in sand and rock and unlike plastic, it doesn’t contain any petroleum-based plastics or toxic chemicals, a positive transition from plastic. The material is extremely clean with a natural resistance to bacteria, mould and fugus, meaning the perfect item for precious little hands to hold! Silicone material is particularly strong but with great flexibility, you can guarantee the items will keep their shape, perfect for storage or even from a little rough handling! Silicone is water, odour and stain resistant and one of the easiest materials to clean, a quick rinse under the tap or pop in the dishwasher and it will be dry before you know it, making it the perfect product material for busy families on the go! Another wonderful thing about this material is the high temperatures it can withstand. Many silicone products have a high resistance to extreme temperatures and can be heated and frozen, making mealtime silicone products perfect for freezing, microwaving and baking!

At Ivy Wild Kids, we understand and value the importance of making better life choices for our environment, that our kids will one day inherit. We have consciously selected products that are tough enough for daily use and easy to wash and reuse multiple times. All of our products are delivered in zero-plastic, 100% recyclable paper packaging. Our 100% Food Grade silicone products are plastic free, recyclable, ocean friendly and will last much longer than similar plastic products. And with their wonderfully soft texture, suitably flexible feel and quick clean characteristics, our silicone baby essentials are the ideal, safe and practical mealtime solution for little ones.

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